Pepper the Dancing Husky, Dance competition Furlandia 2016


The Natural World by EZ Wolf


Kimba the White Lion complete series on DVD



I swear I know more furries who seen Kimba than Zootopia, and I would guess this is old news to them. But to the rest of us, especially those of us who actually seen The Lion King. Which is a sore spot among Kimba fans as many claim and rightly so, many aspects of The Lion King were taken directly from Kimba and believe me I know you don’t want me to get into it when if you really want to check this it isn’t more than a search away. Many of those sites go into exact detail scene for scene.

If you want to see what all the controversy is about check out Kimba the White Lion.

Available through many sources and I am sure some place free to watch online.

‘Star Wars’ Cantina Bar Opening in Hollywood


Believe me when I say when I first saw this, frankly I didn’t believe it. Being a casual Star Wars fan it’s not that I haven’t thought about going to than Cantina in the first film. But I knew that was the realm of fantasy, fans with money open one in Hollywood. Look I fully admit I am not the one for the bar scene…really I don’t even drink. But if I ever get to Hollywood this cantina will be a must see on my list.




Furries, Fursuiters and Science…what could go wrong

FurScience takes a look at the furry fandom from a more scientific view. Besides offering a free book on the subject I found their site very informative, their material well researched. Affiliated with the University of Waterloo in Canada you know this is not some hacked together site. With as much details as the site has to offer about the fandom. It is very well worth checking out.


I Thought You Said They would be Gone



Best Friends Furever




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