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Okay, so not long ago I wrote an article called Furry Hate. Some of you may have read it on Furaffinity others on a blog called Furry Times by Ahmar Wolf, who happens to have a Amino as well if you like to check him out.

I said and I quote “We ask to be respected as well as the community hell sometimes there is Twitter outcries for it, but I challenge that we don’t deserve the respect because our community as a whole has not earn it”. Now I am going to explain this bit. I am not doubting the fact that The Furry Fandom has done great things, nor was this statement meant to make light of how far we come and I do implore anyone to read my Amino Blog and understand my point of view.

Recently Ahmar Wolf has been coming under attack from others within the fandom for doing the exact same thing he has done for over 8 years. He brings attention to aspects of our own community that should have attention on it. I have read many of his blog posts and I for one find his posts to be intriguing and insightful, I not say that everyone will always be interested in what he has written that is like saying everyone will always be interested in every movie that comes out. But that is neither here nor there and not the point of this article I am writing currently. Today I want to address our own history, or rather the lack thereof the documentation of our history and how this relates to Ahmar.

Ahmar Wolf is a bit of a history buff and I must admit I also am a bit of a history buff. Ahmar has been trying to collect information on the history of the fandom and keeps on running into brick walls. Questions like “When was the very first con?” Or “What was some of the original art like?” When looking for these answers or trying to get a glimpse of our past it seems that dead end after dead end keeps coming up. People are unwilling to allow him to post these things and for him to post these things without breaking copyright laws he would need to wait, I believe something like 75 year’s to be able to do so, the problem is most of these works will not survive this long. I ask you this. What is so wrong to want to make a collection of our history and where it came from for future Furries to enjoy and learn what it was really like in the early days of this fandom? What gives someone the right to attack his blog with spam and make him question why he is doing his blog in the first place?

A blog is a source of information it is quite similar to a news article in the papers or on T.V. and he has been doing what he enjoys for 8 years to bring us great stories based solely on the fandom and I for one appreciate him for doing so. I haven’t been in the fandom very long and I hope everyone understands when I say these things here and with I’m my article Furry Hate that I asolutely no disrespect towards anyone. I want to know what cons were like in the early before the age of the internet and free easily accessible information and he wants to write about it. If you were apart of those early days, please contact Ahmar Wolf, take copies of old Fanzines and allow him to show future generations where we came from and who we are. Don’t allow history to disappear and become nothing but a forgotten memory. If we forget who we are and where we come from then we really don’t have a lot to hang onto and though we are strong now, eventually there could come a time when the fandom begins to die out and I for one do not want to see that happen.

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